7 Myths About Addiction that Keep People Addicted

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7 Myths About Addiction that Keep People Addicted

Do you have a history of drug addiction in your family? Are you struggling with some form of substance abuse right now – binge drinking, using a controlled substance, or using illegal drugs? If you are taking any drug right now, you are putting yourself at risk for addiction. If you are ready to make changes that will improve your life or the life of someone you love so that they can live without substances, please know there is hope with the proper help and support. Read about the myths about addiction to learn more and get help:

Myth #1: I Can Quit Anytime

Addictive behaviors can sneak up on anyone very quickly, and depend on the type of substance you are using – they can set you on a path that you many never recover from, and that may harm or end your life. All it takes is one use for some drugs — especially a drug like a meth — and your brain is suddenly hijacked.

Myth #2: I Don’t Need Help

It’s part of human nature to think we don’t need help, and that’s never more true with drug addiction. Everyone needs help with something. If you are at the point where you think you want help, but you are afraid or ashamed, now is the time to push that thought away. Everyone needs help.

Myth #3: I’ll Stop Tomorrow

Why not stop today? “I’ll stop tomorrow” is a classic myth because it enables us just to continue using the drug and taking it to achieve the feeling we want. You won’t stop today or tomorrow without help.

Myth #4: I’m in Control

But you’re not in control. That’s what drugs do. They hijack your thinking and make you believe you are in control of your life. Instead, drugs are destroying your life and making it unmanageable.

Myth #5: I’ll Stop When I’m Older

You are setting up a lifestyle for yourself that you will continue into your old age if you become addicted. This is not just something teenagers struggle with — people addicted to drugs for a lifetime die more quickly and more gruesome deaths, as well as age more quickly than many non-drug users.

Myth #6: I Don’t Know Where to Go

You’re not alone in your thinking. According to a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, only about 11 percent of 23 million 12-year-olds or persons older with an addiction issue sought treatment at a specialized treatment center. You can change that by admitting yourself and getting the professional support and care you need.

Myth #7: I Can’t Do It

If reading this article made you realize that you may be abusing drugs or that you may be addicted to a substance, then now is the time to stop and take control of the situation. You have the power to intervene right now by entering an inpatient treatment center. You can get the help and professional support you need to be completely free from a life of drugs. Now is your time. Do what is right for you and your life at this very moment. You can’t give up drugs on your own. No one can. Anyone could become addicted to the substance you are using. So take heart and know that if you seek help, you can achieve freedom from the pull drugs has on you right now.


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  1. Elizabeth J Reply

    Great article. I find this to really be true. I experienced this in a smaller scale with smoking. I smoked for 7 years and I can say that at any given time I believed in at least some of these myths myself regarding my cigarette addiction. It took me finding a significant other who wanted to stop with me to be able to do it, because I knew I couldn’t do it alone. But with that experience I definitely believe that the belief in these myths is even much stronger with drug addiction, and they hold you back from taking your life back.

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