MDMA: The Dangers of Ecstasy

Dangers of Ecstasy

MDMA: The Dangers of Ecstasy

Few people take the time to research the dangers of Ecstasy before experimenting with the drug.  The substance known as MDMA, better known to many as ecstasy, has become popular among some as a recreational drug. In many countries MDMA is a controlled substance and possession can be punished by fines and even imprisonment. Despite this, ecstasy has grown in popularity and people have ignored both the legal and physical consequences of taking this substance.

Effects and Dangers of Ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy was first developed to be used in the field of psychology due to its ability to get patients to let down their mental barriers. This practice came to an end when it was made widely illegal despite positive results. The effects of ecstasy are:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Feelings of empathy
  • Feelings of compassion
  • Increased energy
  • Diminished aggression
  • Increased inner peace
  • Euphoria

This drug has recently become very popular among the teen and young adult age groups for use at “raves” or other party scenes where recreational drugs are abundantly used and abuse.

Dangerous Side Effects of MDMA

While ecstasy has a variety of positive benefits during use, there are also some very dangerous side effects associated with the substance as well. When coming off of a trip, many people experience, fatigue, irritability, impaired concentration, depression, and paranoia. Additionally, prolonged use of the drug or overdose can lead to disastrous consequences such as hallucinations, panic attacks, damaged heart, damaged blood vessels, stroke, and organ failure.

As you can see one of the dangers of ecstasy is that it may have some positive effects initially, but once the high wears off, it can lead to some pretty nasty consequences. This can lead to an individual seeking more and more of the drug until they’ve developed an addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with an ecstasy addiction, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help people overcome their MDMA substance abuse problem before it’s too late.

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  1. James

    Ok so I wanted to try MDMA with my friends just to have a good time.i took a capsule which had about .2 and was feeling good .. Then I took more and more after that.. Idk exactly how much but it boosted my high even more.. So much to a point that I started throwing up. I threw up a couple times but didn’t eat nothing before so whatever water I consumed that night I threw it up. Then I sat back and felt my heart pounding so hard that my whole body turned pale white and I actually felt like I was about to die. I couldn’t talk right. I kept slurring my words. This was Monday night and now is Saturday and I still feel weird and confused.. I can’t concentrate and I feel like everyone is looking at me weird..idk what to do and feeling kind of depressed..I just want someone to talk to about this.. Anyone … I feel alone…please if there’s any cure..would 5htp work?

  2. Szilvia

    A lot of people do not realize how bad is ecstasy. I have known a lot of people who used it during parties to eases up more easily and to have a better time without knowing the facts about it. We need to educate children/teens and adults better on this subject. It destroys life , family so its our responsibility to educate.
    If you need help or you know anyone who is struggling please ask for help from Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. They will be more then happy to help you to achieve your goals.

  3. Suzie

    I doubt that most teens or well people mostly couples who use (take) ecstasy do not realize the dangers of it all. It seems like that they just want to take it in the heat or the moment or just to feel a certain way at that time. I highly recommend parents of teens or those that are taking it read this blog. Very good read with lots of good information.

  4. Elizabeth J

    Ecstasy is definitely a terrifying drug, because it seems so alluring. When you take it you can dance the whole night away, and not even notice, you have more self-confidence and it can all in all be an interesting experience, but of course that is the high, the low is quite bad, and if it happens and you don’t want to feel that way, odds are you’ll pop another one to get that euphoria back, and that is where it gets dangerous. I know that many people actually end up in hospitals or even dead from using ecstasy just one time. And if it doesn’t kill you it can leave you with a damaged heart or other organs for the rest of your life, which can definitely impair you terribly. All for one night of “fun”.

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