Can Executives Suffer from Entitlements Addiction?

Can Executives Suffer from Entitlements Addiction?

Most people think of alcoholism or drug abuse when they hear the word “addiction,” but the truth is, addiction can take on many different forms, including obsessive gambling, smoking, or eating, and there is even such thing as entitlements addiction, in which an individual becomes addicted to receiving something for nothing, frequently prioritizing their wants and needs over anyone else’s, because they believe it is their right to receive the benefit in question. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or entitlements, contact Behavioral Rehabilitation Services today at (888) 950-0803, to speak to an experienced addiction recovery counselor.

What is Entitlements Addiction?

Addiction is a condition that occurs when an individual becomes dependent on a particular substance or activity, and while “addiction” typically refers to alcoholism or drug abuse, it’s possible for those who receive subsidized housing, food stamps, cash payments, free or subsidized health insurance, or another welfare benefit, to become addicted to these government-issued entitlements, making it extremely difficult for them to voluntarily give them up and begin paying for such benefits with their hard-earned money. Unfortunately, because entitlements addiction isn’t typically considered a legitimate addiction, it makes it incredibly difficult for these addicts to overcome their feelings of entitlement and when their expectations are not met, discontent.

The idea behind entitlements addiction is that people who suffer from this type of addiction believe that society owes them some debt, and the payment of this debt comes in the form of entitlements. The very word “entitlement” automatically signals the belief that the recipient has a right to the benefits he or she receives, which adds a morality component that is not typically seen in other types of addiction. Compared to entitlement addicts, individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol don’t believe that society owes them the drugs or alcohol they abuse. Another thing that sets entitlements addiction apart from other types of addiction is that, while drug abuse or drunk driving can kill or injure other people and the addict himself, entitlements addiction can harm society as a whole.

Entitlements Addiction Among Business Executives

While abusing food stamps or another government benefit may be the most common type of entitlements addiction, people on welfare certainly aren’t the only entitlement addicts out there. Upper and middle-class Americans who receive a home mortgage deduction, or those who receive Medicare or Social Security benefits may also become addicted to these entitlements, believing that they deserve this aid by right. Even business executives, for whom certain entitlements are simply part of the job, can suffer from entitlements addiction if they become used to receiving certain benefits they believe they are owed. In many cases, this feeling of entitlement is based on unrealistic expectations, and when these expectations aren’t met, the entitlement addict may turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with their discontent.

Contact Behavioral Rehabilitation Services for Help

Any addiction is hard to escape – many alcoholics or drug addicts have to go to rehab before they can quit drinking or use drugs – but entitlements addiction adds a whole other element to the abusive behavior, making it incredibly difficult for the addict to learn how to live without these benefits. In fact, some people consider entitlements addiction the most dangerous addiction of all, primarily because the majority of people fail to even see it as an addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, entitlements addiction, or another type of addiction, contact the addiction recovery experts at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services today at (888) 950-0803 to discuss your possible treatment options.


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