Signs of Executive Drug Addiction

executive drug addiction

Signs of Executive Drug Addiction

Executive drug addiction is becoming a major concern in the United States today. There are many reasons managers are turning to alcohol and drugs for relaxation. With the prestige of an executive position often comes the stress of working long hours, the responsibility of courting new clients, and the pressure to make time for friends and family still. Many executives feel like people are pulling them in a thousand different directions. They have significant obligations at home and at work, yet fail to live up to everyone’s expectations.

As such, it’s no wonder so many business executives turn to drugs or alcohol to take the edge off or decompress after a long day. All too often though, the occasional indulgence results in addiction. Before the exec knows it, he is structuring his life around ensuring access to his drug of choice. If you or someone you know struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call to speak to the professional substance abuse counselors at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services today.

Job-Related Stress Leading to Executive Drug Addiction

One of the most common reasons business executives turn to drugs is to cope with job-related stress. For execs attempting to live up to the exceedingly high expectations of their jobs on a day-to-day basis, stress is in abundance. According to one study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences journal in 2008, there is “accumulating evidence from preclinical, clinical, and population studies that highly stressful situations and chronic stress increase addiction vulnerability, that is, both risk of developing addiction and risk of relapse.” In fact, research has shown that at least 40% of Americans treated for depression, substance abuse, and other mental health issues cite work-related stress as a major contributing factor. Stress in the workplace is the main reason why executive drug use is so prevalent in the United States.

Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

Following are some common signs of executive drug addiction:

  • The executive’s work begins to suffer
  • He is neglectful or abusive towards his family
  • He is unable to honor commitments at work or at home
  • His temperament begins to change
  • He experiences mood swings
  • His co-workers find themselves covering for him
  • He disappears from home or work with no explanation
  • His appearance or grooming begins to deteriorate
  • He calls in sick to work more often or doesn’t show up
  • He seems to have financial or legal problems

Recovering from Executive Drug Addiction

There has always been a stigma associated with drug addiction, but we as a society have made great strides recently in accepting the fact that addiction is not a moral problem. People today realize that people struggling with addiction need treatment, not judgment. In the past, admitting to a drug problem and seeking treatment at a rehab facility was the equivalent of professional suicide for a business executive. Fortunately, going to rehab for drug addiction is no longer the end of the line for execs.

Now, more than ever before, companies are retaining invaluable employees and protecting their investment. They are helping executives with addiction get the help they need.  By doing this, they can return to work as healthy and productive members of the company. Executive rehab facilities like Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, design programs specifically for the unique recovery needs of business executives.

Contact Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Today

Executive drug addiction is a serious problem in the United States. Yet, it is common in the workplace today. Sadly, substance abuse among business execs has become commonplace in this country. As a result, few executives struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction seek treatment for their substance abuse. If you know a business executive engaging in problematic drug abuse, don’t hesitate to ensure he gets the help he needs. Contact Behavioral Rehabilitation Services today to talk to a knowledgeable addiction recovery counselor about the available treatment options.


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