Why Private Addiction Treatment Isn’t Just for Celebrities

Private Addiction Treatment

Why Private Addiction Treatment Isn’t Just for Celebrities

The idea of the need for private addiction treatment is not a new concept. In 1935, the Alcoholics Anonymous approach was created in Akron, Ohio, with the driving principle of anonymity and privacy within addiction treatment. Then, in 1948, just thirteen years later, Narcotics Anonymous was founded on the same principle of confidentiality that Alcoholics Anonymous had, only for drug addicts instead of alcohol addicts.

Private Addiction Treatment

So we can see that this is not a new idea, and the benefit of confidentiality and discretion within addiction treatment has great value. In fact, one of the main reasons why struggling addicts will not seek out rehab is because they feel it will not be confidential. Private addiction treatment does exist though, and with many benefits too. Some of these are:

  • Private, confidential treatment is often more intimate and one on one. Rehabs that honor and respect their clients’ privacy will often be smaller, with a lower client to counselor ratio, and with far more one on one attention as a result.
  • Such treatment centers also generally speaking have more comfortable detoxification services. There are fewer clients within the program, so clients can get more attention and more intensive monitoring and assistance during the withdrawal procedure.
  • Private treatment centers are more distraction-free. Without the hustle and bustle of a large, loud, public treatment center, clients of a smaller, private center are able to relax more easily. Clients will also have an easier time focusing on healing, exercise, nutrition programs, outdoor activities, community outings, one-on-one sessions, and group therapies.
  • Private treatment centers leave a lasting impression on their clients. Lifelong relationships are often built at such centers, as the smaller, tight-knit group effect builds a stronger recovery and a more lasting effect on clients. Such treatment centers build off of the secluded, private setting that they have been able to create to truly make clients feel at a home away from home.

When people find themselves stuck with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, this is often a very distressing and disconcerting affliction to be stricken with. As one can imagine, being inhibited by an addiction that affects both the body and mind can be quite traumatic, especially when one can’t kick the habit on their own. Addiction is embarrassing. It’s a very private issue, and people get very distressed when they can’t do something about it on their own and they have to reach out and get help with it.

Because of the privacy vs. embarrassment aspect of addiction, many addicts often feel as though they just can’t go to rehab. They often feel as though they simply cannot confront the idea of someone else finding out about their addiction, or even worse, several people finding out about their addiction. This puts such persons in a lose-lose situation. They can’t kick their habit on their own, so that has to go to rehab. But they can’t go to rehab because they don’t want to disclose the fact that they have an addiction! But they can’t just keep on walking down the dwindling, downhill spiral of the life of an active substance abuser. We all know the very real and sooner than the anticipated end that awaits those who continue to live the life of an addict.

This is why private addiction treatment is so valuable.

Getting Help From Behavioral Rehabilitation Services

The primary goal and mission at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is private drug addiction treatment. For more information on privacy, call today for a confidential discussion with a Behavioral Rehabilitation Services representative.

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