Per Wickstrom was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan, which isn’t too far from Behavioral Rehabilitation Service’s facility. Even as a child, Mr. Wickstrom had a particular aptitude for sales and business, and he made his first sell at 8-years-old: a motorhome that was sold at sticker price to a client through Michigan Motor Homes. Mr. Wickstrom went on to graduate high school in June 1978 and at age 17, he launched his first business selling Mexican Black Velvet Oil Paintings around the country.

When he was 20-years-old, Mr. Wickstrom relocated to Houston, Texas and joined the Pinkson-Hollar Roofing Company. After working all functions of flat top roofing and becoming an estimator, he opened his own roofing company called WFK Roofing. In 1982, Mr. Wickstrom was asked to help with the family business and started working in the car business at Wickstrom Chevrolet Cadillac, located in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It was there that he learned all parts of the business from washing cars to service manager.

Over the next decade, Mr. Wickstrom worked for at least ten different dealerships in the United States. He was the number one car salesman for the Chevrolet Motor Division in 1986 and 1987 and sold 672 new Chevys in one year alone. He was then the number one sales person for Bonny Chevrolet Chrysler Plymouth in Lake City, Michigan in 1993, and became Finance Manager for Art Moehn Chevy in Jackson, Michigan from 2001 to 2005.

Additionally, Mr. Wickstrom had a strong need to help others and spent some of his youth working to train dogs to help the blind. He is a lover of classic cars, snowmobiling, diving, and a devout Green Bay Packers fan.

Wickstrom’s Career Shift to Addiction Treatment

Per Wickstrom’s desire to bring others success in addiction recovery started with himself. He was first introduced to alcohol at 13 years old and watched his dad come home and drink every day after work. Eventually, Per started to experiment with marijuana and was kicked out of his house at the age of 15. This only fueled his addiction as he was introduced to cocaine and created a further downward spiral into addiction.

After several years of abusing drugs and attending multiple rehab centers, Per finally graduated from rehab 15 years ago, which was also the time he decided that his purpose was to help others achieve the same success he did. One of his goals in opening a drug rehabilitation facility was to provide a natural approach to treatment and give individuals options during their recovery. Mr. Wickstrom mentions, “We don’t tell you what you have to do to achieve peace and sobriety. We show you so that you have the power to make changes for yourself.”

In 2001, Per Wickstrom purchased his first building to open his first drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in the northeast United States. His first residential treatment program opened its doors in 2003.  In 2012, he opened a second addiction treatment program. Over the next two years, Mr. Wickstrom continued to open three other treatment programs in the state of Michigan.

Per’s Vision for a One-of-a-Kind Treatment Program

Mr. Wickstrom knows there is more than one type of person in the world and that different rehab programs are needed for each, which is why he wanted to create a program geared towards businessmen and women. As a business owner himself, he understood how the hustle and bustle of work life could hinder one’s progress in long-term recovery. He set out to open a treatment program that would make business owners feel safe and at home while they focus on their sobriety.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is exactly what Per Wickstrom envisioned. It is a one of a kind rehabilitation program, offering a top-notch executive drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program that is designed in such a way as to adapt to each client’s needs and wants. Mr. Wickstrom wanted to create BRS to provide a safe, executive and exclusive solution for drug and alcohol treatment. The facility is set up at an ideal location and provides a comfortable and secure place that is far away from the stress of daily life.

The BRS treatment program, approach, and facility all combine to make the best possible outcome in addiction recovery. Along with a fantastic treatment program, BRS includes amenities such as an executive fitness center, a highly skilled private chef and nutritionist, counseling, and security staff.  It is a private; inpatient rehabilitation center tucked away in eighty acres of forests and rolling hills. BRS clients can relax, breathe and let go of the troubles of the world so they can focus on their sobriety and long-term recovery.

For more information visit Per Wickstrom’s official Facebook page here.