At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Admissions, we are happy to help individuals with their rehabilitation.  We will assist them to get better to live a clean and more fulfilling life. Our facility is in an ideal location that is far away from the stress of daily life. Maintaining the comfort level and peaceful environment will be accomplished by specific criteria the individual must meet before being admitted.  If an individual is found to be unqualified for our services, we will inform them of the reason, recommend alternative services that may be more suitable for them and suggest other locations.

Admissions Criteria

The following criteria must be met by each patient before admission is approved:

While we understand that a patient’s family may want to enter them into rehab even if the patient does not agree.  Our patients must be willing to participate in the treatment process voluntarily. All patients must be at least 18 years old, must not be suicidal or homicidal, and must be medically capable of participating in treatment. 

Any incomplete applications will be kept at our admission’s office until we receive additional information. After 30 days, we do not consider information applicable, and if we do not get a return call from the applicant, the application will be null and void. When we receive all information, and the application is complete, one of our trained admission staff will help determine eligibility.

Determining Correct Services

We understand that all of our patients have their unique needs.  These needs must be addressed to ensure a long recovery. It is for this reason that we provide a variety of services based on the patient’s needs. There are various factors we look for on admission day to choose the correct services for each patient. Some of the factors we look for when determining the right service for our patients include:

  • The individual shows a pattern of pathological alcohol or drug use.  The person also is unable to reduce or stop using alcohol or drugs or requires a daily amount of alcohol or drugs to function normally.
  • The individual shows a lack of social functioning due to alcohol or drug use. For example, is violent while intoxicated, is absent from work or school, is losing their job or is getting into legal problems.
  • The individual is showing tolerance to alcohol or drugs by needing more and more alcohol or drugs to achieve the same effect.
  • The person is withdrawing from alcohol or drugs by demonstrating symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, sweating, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, or irritability.


We always welcome patients, even if they were treated here before. In cases where a patient is applying for re-admission, the patient must meet the standard admission criteria first. Then, the Executive, Clinical, and Medical Directors review each application. Once the patient is granted admission, we will procure copies of their previous medical assessments, psychological testing, aftercare plans and discharge summaries, and move forward from there.

Discharging Patients

We have pride in our personalized treatment plans and do not put every patient on the same program. Our treatments are individualized and do not have a specific timeframe.  The length of the program will be determined by The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria and our treatment team will determine the patient’s stability. While we do not anticipate a patient to leave before treatment is complete, if a patient decides to no longer continue treatment, we will provide information so they can continue to have recovery support and care.

Starting Your Rehabilitation

At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, we want to give our patients the best outcome in addiction recovery. To do so, we have created a facility that is comfortable and pleasant with enjoyable amenities in an isolated environment.  Also, we create customizable treatment plans for each patient. We understand that our patients have lives outside of rehab.  For this reason, we allow the use of a laptop and cell phone during their stay.  In this way, patients can stay connected back home.

We want to rehabilitate as many people as possible from drug and alcohol addiction. To maintain the security and pleasant environment, we have created clear admissions criteria to be met by our patients. If you or a loved one are in need of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, call us today. Our entire staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Admissions is here to help you have a long term recovery.