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Private, Confidential Executive Drug Rehab

At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, your sobriety comes first. We are a private, inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation center nestled among 80 beautiful acres of wooded land, surrounded by 20 lakes.  Our 6 scenic hiking trails and comprehensive fitness center offer unrivaled solace from your hectic every day. With flat screens in each private room, BRS provides guests the comfort of home. We have a private chef and a nutritionist onsite as a part of our comprehensive model of addiction rehabilitation and healthcare. The 24/7, onsite counseling and security staff keep clients safe and are available for any need that may arise.

We customize our treatment plans to fit your unique needs. At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, we understand the demands of an executive lifestyle, which is why you’ll have access to your laptop and cell phone during your stay.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services’ modern facilities, amenities, and professional staff create the supportive, relaxing environment you need to rebuild the life you deserve.

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At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, our priority is providing effective and customized treatment options for each client, empowering them to achieve the quality of life they deserve thru our inpatient drug rehabilitation program.

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Addiction recovery is a complex process of healing the mind, body, and spirit, requiring the right combination of support, compassion, and education. Our Executive Drug Rehabilitation Program is designed to adapt to each client’s needs, specifically targeting the various contributing aspects of drug addiction.  

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Our facility provides a comfortable and secure haven far from the stress of daily life. With the freedom afforded by 80 acres of beautiful, wooded property and our amenities, clients are able to relax and focus on their sobriety in our gorgeous, residential drug rehabilitation facility 

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80 Acre Retreat

Physical Fitness

Private Theater

Lakes & Ponds

Spa & Yoga Rooms

Private Rooms

Security Team

Quality Food

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Recognizing That You Have a Loved One Abusing Drugs

Recognizing That You Have a Loved One Abusing Drugs

Most people don't know how hard it can be to have a loved one abusing drugs. Until you have experienced the lies, deception, theft, and fear of your loved one overdosing on drugs, there is no way to know. Drug addicts are self-centered individuals who care for no one and nothing other than their drugs of abuse. This behavior can take a tremendous toll on family members over time. The symptoms of drug use appear gradually and may go unnoticed…

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How Cocaine Use Affects the Heart

Many illegal drugs have severe effects on the cardiovascular system. This may include heart attacks or abnormal heart rates. Cocaine can affect many parts of the body especially the heart. The American Heart Association has reported that over 15,000 American's die each year from cocaine use.  Cocaine affects the heart more than people realize. What is Cocaine? Cocaine is one of the oldest psychoactive drugs known to man. It is derived from coca leaves and has been used in medicine, elixirs,…

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Steps to Take for the Start of a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Steps to Take for the Start of a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery, whether you abused alcohol or drugs, is a long process that will be difficult. The challenge is your state of mind and your willingness to change. The recovery process is comprised of individual stages.  You have a different obligation to yourself in each one of these stages.  In this way, you'll be better prepared to succeed. Commit to Change Before you can get better, you must first admit that there's a problem and that you do…

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