5 Ways Being Sober Improves Your Personal Life

Being Sober

5 Ways Being Sober Improves Your Personal Life

Addiction is a life-altering disorder, and there are countless benefits to getting sober, from looking better and feeling healthier to finally addressing debilitating mental health disorders, and in addition to physical and psychological benefits, being sober can also improve your personal life, repairing your relationship with yourself and with others adversely affected by your alcoholism or drug abuse. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and wants help getting sober, call Behavioral Rehabilitation Services today to speak to a professional addiction recovery counselor about the benefits of substance abuse treatment.

Benefits of Getting Treatment for Addiction

Seeking treatment for an addiction disorder is much more than just quitting alcohol or drug use; being sober allows you to be clear-headed and rational, and encourages you to begin taking a good look at negative patterns of behavior in your life, which can have a direct impact on your personal relationships.

The following are five ways being sober can improve your personal life:

  1. It can help you let go of unrealistic expectations. Addicts often have a hard time understanding that people are human and are doing the best they can with what they have, and they tend to expect too much of themselves and those around them. Unrealistic expectations can lead to anger and frustration when they aren’t met, and this can be a driving force behind addiction.
  2. It can help you understand the role you play in drama. Relationships with alcoholics tend to be fueled by drama, typically because addicts often have a short temper and are quick to react to perceived slights or insults without thinking it through. Once you’re sober, you can take an honest look at your romantic relationships and friendships, and see how your own behavior contributed to this drama.
  3. It can help you examine the give and take in relationships. Addiction is all about extremes, and it’s often difficult for addicts to understand that relationships are meant to be healthy partnerships where both people give and take, not one person doing all the giving or all the taking. In sobriety, addicts learn how to set boundaries for relationships and friendships to avoid being taken advantage of or taking advantage of someone else.
  4. It can help you understand the type of treatment you are willing to accept. Addicts often find themselves in toxic relationships and friendships, and are unable to see that the treatment they are receiving is the type of treatment they believe they deserve. Getting sober can help you break free from the cycle of toxicity that addiction brings and allow you to develop healthy relationships with people who treat you with love and respect.
  5. It can help you let go of jealousy and other types of manipulative behavior. There are certain manipulative behavioral patterns that tend to accompany addiction, and jealousy is one of them. Through sobriety, you can begin to understand that many of these manipulative behavioral patterns are spurred by your own insecurities, and learn how to believe in yourself and trust your friends and partners.

How to Celebrate Being Sober

Addicts in recovery know that there are myriad advantages to being sober, one of the most important being the ability to take part in healthy relationships with friends and romantic partners. The sad truth about addiction is that it’s a lonely disorder. Addicts often isolate themselves to protect and prolong their substance abuse, and it’s difficult for other people to cultivate genuine, meaningful relationships with people who use. Recovering from an addiction disorder is no easy task, but the good thing about getting sober is that removing drugs and alcohol from the equation automatically improves your chances of being successful in personal relationships, and has a direct impact on the quality of your personal life, and that alone is something worth celebrating.

Learning how to celebrate sobriety in a healthy way is an important part of the recovery process, allowing recovering addicts to hold themselves accountable and reflect on how far they have come on the road to lasting sobriety. For some, celebrating recovery milestones is a validation of how hard they have worked to get sober, serving as a marker of their progress, and for others, celebrating small victories reinforces the importance of their larger goal. Some people choose to celebrate their sobriety privately, either by reflecting on their recovery process or setting new goals to stay motivated, but if you prefer to include friends and loved ones in the celebration, there are plenty of sober activities that promote ongoing recovery.

Celebrate National Recovery Month in September

Start a recovery milestone tradition, such as organizing an annual run or walk with friends and loved ones
Give back by volunteering in the recovery community, becoming a sponsor for another recovering addict, or simply sharing your recovery story with others in group therapy.

Some other ways to give back or celebrate sobriety are:

  • Participate in a local or national recovery event
  • Plan a weekend away with sober activities
  • Gather a few friends and go out to a nice dinner
  • Create new memories that aren’t tied to addiction, such as attending a baseball game and catching up with old friends who support your recovery goals
  • Host a private dinner with your family or closest friends
  • Plan a day trip to a theme park

Contact BRS Rehab for Help

Addiction is a lifelong battle, and it takes a lot of work for recovering addicts to continue working on their sobriety, especially when personal relationships have suffered as a result of alcohol or drug abuse. Even sober, you will continue to make mistakes, but without addiction holding you back, you can learn from your mistakes and evolve as an adult, as a friend or romantic partner, and as a productive member of your community. For more information about being sober, ideas about what to do sober, or how to celebrate sobriety anniversaries in a healthy way, contact the substance abuse counselors at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services today. With the help of a professional rehab facility, you can break free from the restraints of your addiction and get a fresh start in life.

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