Recognizing That You Have a Loved One Abusing Drugs

Loved One Abusing Drugs

Recognizing That You Have a Loved One Abusing Drugs

Most people don’t know how hard it can be to have a loved one abusing drugs. Until you have experienced the lies, deception, theft, and fear of your loved one overdosing on drugs, there is no way to know. Drug addicts are self-centered individuals who care for no one and nothing other than their drugs of abuse. This behavior can take a tremendous toll on family members over time. The symptoms of drug use appear gradually and may go unnoticed for a long period. However, you will start seeing signs of your loved one abusing drugs as minor as they appear at first.

Some Signs of Your Loved One Abusing Drugs

Many individuals have prescription drugs, or medication which has been prescribed by physicians, for legitimate reasons such as pain control, attention deficit disorder, anxiety or panic attacks, just to name a few. When this happens, the patient may start relying on their medication too much and develop a tolerance to the drug. Many medications for pain, for instance, are opioids and are extremely addictive. By taking more of the medication than prescribed, an individual can quickly become dependent on the drug. If your loved one is taking drugs, legal or illegal, to fill a void in their life, they can very soon cross that line into drug abuse.

Another sign of your loved one abusing drugs is if you notice that they have changed their group of friends. Normally, a person hangs out with others who have common interests. If your loved one has a different set of friends who you don’t know and are never around, this may be a red flag going up that drug abuse is involved. They could be experimenting with drugs or using drugs for recreational purposes. Chances are your loved one knows that this is something of which you would not approve and therefore, keeps the new friends at a distance.

As habits and routines change with your loved one and they start neglecting home responsibilities, you start to realize more and more that your suspicions were warranted. You were right to be concerned about your loved one abusing drugs. They will eventually start isolating their self more and more and neglecting more responsibilities. Everything will go downhill from there.

Physical Warning Signs You can Look for in Your Loved One

Other than displaying signs such as mood swings, financial problems, and frequently getting into trouble, there will be physical warning signs of your loved one abusing drugs. They may have bloodshot eyes with pupils being larger or smaller than usual and have slurred speech with a lack of coordination. Your loved one may “nod off” or appear to be falling asleep while talking or doing something else. You may notice a change in this person’s sleep habits which could be sleeping more than usual or hardly sleeping at all.

Weight loss or gain could be another sign of your loved one abusing drugs. They may appear very talkative or show signs of hyperactivity if they are taking stimulants. In many cases, a person will be seen clenching their jaw if they are on drugs. These individuals will also usually display a decline in personal appearance and grooming habits. These are all tell-tale signs of drug abuse.

Help for Your Loved One Abusing Drugs

If you recognize any of these signs of your loved one abusing drugs, talk to them and let them know that you are only concerned for their well-being. Suggest professional treatment and detox in an inpatient addiction rehab facility and let them know that you will be there to support them throughout their treatment program and afterward. Try to make them see that they do not want to continue on the path of destruction.

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