National Recovery Month: A Time to Honor Addiction Recovery

National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month: A Time to Honor Addiction Recovery

Every September for the last 28 years, individuals have celebrated National Recovery Month. This year will be the 29th year for the celebration.  September is when we recognize and celebrate those individuals who are in recovery from substance abuse or other mental health disorders. National Recovery Month is also a time when we strive to bring awareness to the efforts of those who work for the prevention and treatment of substance abuse in our country.

People Can and Do Recover from Substance Use Disorders

National Recovery Month is also a time of education. We educate everyone on the fact that recovery is possible for those who are struggling with substance use disorders or mental health concerns. Individuals can go through an addiction treatment program in a rehab facility. In this program, they will receive the proper support they need to go on to live happy, healthy, and productive lives in sobriety. With proper treatment, you can repair and resolve behavioral issues. To have good overall health, good behavioral health is essential.

While going through a treatment program, individuals learn how to live a healthy lifestyle in recovery. Living healthy includes having good physical health from good nutrition and exercise. Living healthy also includes developing a good all-around mental and emotional outlook on life. Millions of individuals go through substance abuse treatment programs every year. They make full recoveries from addiction and other behavioral disorders. Yes, people do recover from substance use disorders and go on to live fulfilling lives and become assets to their communities.

National Recovery Month Honors Addiction Treatment and Service Providers

Those people who serve in the substance use and behavioral disorders field need to be recognized for the strides they have made in the healthcare system. The work that they perform daily has saved numerous lives and restored many families to make them whole again. Without the services of these providers, someone struggling with addiction might very well give up on ever recovering from this disease. However, these addicted individuals and their families today have hope for a brighter future due to the services of these establishments.

Anyone struggling with behavioral or mental disorders or substance use disorders can receive treatment and become a healthy citizen again. There are many resources today to help families find a treatment program for their loved one, whatever their needs and preferences. There are more types of treatment programs available today than ever before in the history of our country. Individuals who do not have family support will find much support and encouragement in an addiction rehab facility from the staff members and counselors who are there daily.

Join the Voices for Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose, and Community.

This is the theme for the 2018 National Recovery Month celebration. Inspiring stories of success will be highlighted to encourage anyone in need of treatment for a substance use disorder or other mental health issues to seek help and start a new life in recovery. People from all walks of life have been helped through addiction treatment programs and behavioral treatment programs.

You too can find the path to hope, health, and wellness through a reputable addiction rehab facility. Any person with mental or substance use disorders can be helped and live a life of recovery. Join us in the celebration of National Recovery Month and take that first step toward a happy and healthy life!

Call today to learn more about treatment programs that can benefit you or a loved one. Don’t continue on the path of destruction and devastation. Reach out and ask for help.

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