Common Addictions That are Problems Worldwide

Common Addictions

Common Addictions That are Problems Worldwide

There are three types of addictions that are common all over the world and ones that are pretty stubborn to reverse. However, all types of addiction are reversible especially when treated in a competent inpatient addiction rehab facility. With proper treatment, individuals can go on to lead healthy and happy lives in sobriety. Here, we will discuss these three types of common addictions.

Number One of the Common Addictions is Alcoholism

One of the common addictions in every country seems to be alcoholism. Alcoholism is the chronic use of alcohol to an extent that it interferes with one’s physical and mental health or with the standard social or professional behaviors. Alcoholism causes both psychological and physical addiction.

Alcohol is a powerful central nervous system depressant which suppresses anxiety and guilt. It also lowers alertness as well as impairing judgment, perception, and motor coordination. When taken in high doses, alcohol can result in a loss of consciousness and can even be fatal.

Alcoholism damages the liver, heart, brain and other vital organs. It is highly advisable to seek medical help as early as possible since alcoholism is a dangerous disease. Severe health issues can occur virtually in all body organs when the disease reaches the last stages.

Common Addictions Include Cocaine

Cocaine addiction or otherwise cocaine abuse is another type of addiction that is faced by many individuals around the world. Cocaine addicts normally:

  • Middle and upper-class individuals
  • Have an addiction history in their families
  • Young adults
  • Are implicated in criminal activities

Cocaine addicts usually use cocaine with other potentially addictive drugs like marijuana and alcohol. The addicts often manage side effects and withdrawal symptoms with medication such as Ativan, Valium or heroin. One should seek medical advice in case he or she admits to being a victim or on behalf of a loved one.

These addicts are at risk of many health and life-threatening problems like:

  • Being arrested or imprisoned due to the illicit buying, using or selling cocaine
  • Neuropsychiatric complications such as catatonia and depression
  • Accidents or suicides when intoxicated
  • Headaches and facial pain
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Stroke
  • Insomnia
  • HIV, hepatitis B, and C
  • Nasal and sinus illnesses
  • Recurrent stuffiness and nosebleeds
  • Chronic bronchitis and coughing up black phlegm
  • Breath Shortness and chest pain

Marijuana Addiction is the Third of the Most Common Addictions

While cannabis addiction is normally not diagnosed by medical doctors, it is a recognized challenge that is affecting thousands, if not millions, of people around the world.

The major characteristics of marijuana addiction include:

  • Obsessive cannabis-seeking behavior
  • A self-destructive behavioral pattern due resulting from the addiction
  • Negligence of crucial life obligations at home, work or school due to excessive smoking
  • Continuation of marijuana smoking in spite of serial negative repercussions such as legal consequences
  • Continued cannabis use in spite of frequent social or interpersonal tribulations caused or made worse by perpetual use of the drug
  • Smoking even in dangerous or risky situations

Because marijuana addiction can result in serious legal, family, work, social, school and interpersonal tribulations, it should be taken with the seriousness it deserves through contacting a rehab facility. Marijuana addicts have diminished mental abilities, memory lapses, frequent chest and lung infections and high chances of developing cancer among other health issues.

Cannabis addiction also maximizes the likelihood of the smoker engaging in reckless behaviors like driving while highly intoxicated which can lead to fatal road accidents putting lives of other innocent people in danger.

Seek Treatment for Common Addictions or Others

If you are struggling with one of these common addictions or addiction to any other substance, please seek professional treatment through an inpatient addiction treatment facility. In an addiction treatment rehab facility, you will receive compassionate care from a staff of specialists who are nonjudgmental.

Call today for more information about a treatment program for your needs and preferences.

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